Searching for ESL Worksheets

Need help? Here are some ideas on what to look for!

Handouts Online has a sophisticated search engine that helps you find teaching resources to use in the classroom. All our handouts are catalogued with keywords. If your search criteria match any of those keywords, we'll give you a short description, plus the link.

Searching for worksheets is a snap. Use the 'Quick Search' box at the top right of every page. Just enter some keywords.

For example, you could search for crosswords, food and drink or present perfect.

We have a Worksheet Overview page which is a great way of finding particular topic or grammar categories.

Alternatively, you can check for something in our our A-Z listings. They're particularly useful if you're looking for a small, common word such as 'get' or 'have'.

We also have all our worksheets broken down by category. Click on the Worksheets link on the top navigation bar to see all our categories.

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