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Renewing Your Membership

You can extend your membership at any time very easily.

Log into your Handouts Online account. Then scroll down your membership page to 'Add / Renew Membership'. Choose the payment method (PayPal or 2Checkout), and click to go to the payment page.

As soon as the payment is through, you'll have an additional year added to your membership. If you're paying by credit card, the additional twelve months is added immediately. eChecks will take a few more days to clear.

No, it doesn't.

Handouts Online will send an automatic reminder email around ten days before your membership is due to expire. However, if you do not renew, the account will automatically become dormant. You can access the worksheets again by renewing the account.

Renewing accounts is at a fantastic discount to our regular rates. Log into your account, and click on the renewal button to check the latest rates. You can renew at any time. We'll send you an email about ten days before your account expires to let you know.

Take advantage by renewing soon! You don't need to wait until your current membership period has run out. Handouts Online will automatically add another twelve months to the end of your existing membership.

Yes. You do not need to create a new account. Just log into your existing account, and renew from your member's page. You can do this even if your current membership period has expired.

Remember that members can renew annual membership at a fantastic discount to our regular rates!

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