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  • The Extended Licence

The Extended Licence

The Extended Licence is a type of membership offered by Handouts Online. It is designed for teachers who conduct their lessons using Skype or on the telephone.

With the Extended Licence, you can use our worksheets in regular classroom lessons, plus:

  1. Use our worksheets in Skype or telephone lessons.
  2. Email worksheets to students who have missed a regular lesson.

Extended Licence members have access to worksheets without teaching notes or an answer key for Skype lessons or for emailing to an absent student.

No. Only the teacher who purchased the account can log in. Your account is just for you! Worksheets must be sent to students either as email attachments or as Skype attachments.

Yes! The teacher has access to both sets of worksheets - the version for the students and a teacher's version. The teacher's version has the answer key and suggested teaching notes.

Yes - the Extended Licence includes permission to print and photocopy the worksheets for use in your classes in a physical classroom.

No. The licence allows you to send the worksheets as either email attachments or Skype attachments.

The worksheets cannot be uploaded to any document sharing websites or online whiteboard applications.

Our rates are very reasonable.

New Members: $30 for a year.

Existing (Renewing) Members: $20 for a year.

Remember that these rates are for a year (not six months). Don't worry: your membership will not automatically renew. Instead we'll send you an email ten days before your membership period expires, telling you about our discounted renewal offer.

No. The terms and conditions of membership only allow Extended Licence holders to send worksheets by email or as Skype attachments.

If you currently have a regular membership, but would like to upgrade 'mid-year' please get in touch with Handouts Online support.

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