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Title: Past Tense Verb Wordsearch
Target Structure: Past Simple Irregular Verbs
Level: Elementary
Time: 20 minutes



Help your students with irregular verbs using this past tense wordsearch.
There are seventeen irregular past tense verbs hidden in the grid. Can your students find them? It's more difficult to complete than it looks!

A good supplementary handout for lower-level students.


Title: A Quick Irregular Verb Test
Target Structure: Past Simple / Present Perfect Irregular Verbs
Level: Elementary
Time: 20 minutes



A one-page test of irregular past simple and present perfect verbs. Do you have students who never seem to learn these? You can threaten them with this!

Good for elementary and (too often, unfortunately) many intermediate students.


Title: Spot the Errors
Target Structure: Mixed Grammar
Level: Elementary or Pre-Intermediate
Time: 20 minutes



Do your students make the same endless mistakes with the most basic structures? Have your revenge! This error-correction worksheet deals with Present Simple, Past Simple, Preposition and that 'interested / interesting' error which seems impossible to fix.

Ideal for Elementary and Intermediate students who you've been teaching for some time...


Title: William Shakespeare
Target Structure: Past Simple
Level: Elementary
Time: 20 minutes



Past Simple practice with your favourite bard.

There are lots of activities to keep your students going : get those 'Did' questions sorted. Follow-up activities available in the teacher's notes. Teach your students both the grammar point, and a bit of culture as well!


Title: Past Simple Irregular Verb Crossword
Target Structure: Past Simple: Irregular Verbs
Level: Elementary
Time: 20 minutes



It can be an uphill battle trying to get students to memorize irregular verb forms. This worksheet tests the most common verb forms which cause difficulties.

It's a great way to boost your students' knowledge of the most important irregular verbs.

Pages: 1 2 3 4 5

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