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Elementary Level Worksheets

Modal Worksheets

Modals are one of the building blocks of English. Our worksheets will help your students with functions such as requesting, refusing, giving permission and more.

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Title: Where on earth is John?
Target Structure: Expressing Certainty: Must, Can't, Might
Level: Pre-Intermediate +
Time: 45 minutes



Get your students speculating with this conversation-based worksheet.

By the end of this lesson, your students will be able to use must / can't / might to express certainty.

e.g. He must be stuck in traffic. / He can't have forgotten etc.

It's a really important use of these modal verbs - and it takes students time to learn to use them fluently.

This worksheet has a conversation based around some friends waiting for someone in a restaurant.

There are lots of follow-up exercises to help your students with the target language. The worksheet rounds off with a role-play.

Alternative British-English Version



Title: Schooldays
Target Structure: Prohibition and Obligation
Level: Lower Intermediate+
Time: 45 minutes



This worksheets looks at some common language used when talking about rules. The language studied includes:

* have to
* have got to
* (not) be allowed to
* be supposed to

The theme is schooldays, with three people giving their stories. There's a short reading, with practice exercises and lots of opportunities for your students to tell each other their memories!

Alternative British-English Version



Title: The Exam
Target Structure: Should Have / Would Have
Level: Intermediate
Time: 60 minutes



This is a great worksheet for talking about regrets, and giving advice. The structures are: "You shouldn't have" and "I wouldn't have".

There's a conversation, practice exercises and a card-based speaking activity. It's great for intermediate-level students.

Alternative British-English Version



Title: What might have happened?
Target Structure: Modals (could have, might have etc.)
Level: Intermediate
Time: 45-60 minutes



This two-page worksheet takes crime as the theme of the lesson.

There's been a murder. What might have happened? There is a warm-up, a conversation, a grammar quiz, and speaking exercises.

This worksheet is great for improving your students' speculation skills. They will quickly become comfortable with 'He must have', 'can't have' and other such phrases.

[Updated July 2008}


Title: The New Job
Target Structure: Have to / Don't have to
Level: Elementary / Pre-Intermediate
Time: 40 minutes



This business-English worksheet is a great way to teach 'have to' and 'don't have to'. In addition, there are lots of common business expressions and vocabulary for your students.

There's a conversation, practice activities and plenty of speaking activities. It's great for lower-level students.

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