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Title: About Your English
Target Structure: Needs Analysis (General English)
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Time: 20 minutes



Do you have a new class or new student? This worksheet can be used to discover what his/her needs are for English.

This worksheet has a number of questions for your students to answer. Find out about their expectations for your classes. They can also tell you how they feel about their own English skills.

You could give it to the students before the course begins. Alternatively, you could put students in pairs, and have them interview each other.

We also have a business version of this worksheet.


Title: Privacy in the 21st Century
Target Structure: Reading and Discussion
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Time: 60 minutes



Do your students share information about themselves on Facebook, or other similar social networking sites? Are they worried that other people can view private information about them?

This worksheet looks at the subject of privacy, and how it is becoming increasingly difficult to control one's online profile.

There is a short reading, with vocabulary and collocation exercises. The lesson rounds off with an extended discussion on the subject of online privacy.

This worksheet is written for intermediate to advanced-level students.

Alternative British-English Version



Title: We're Off!
Target Structure: Idiom / Vocabulary Building
Level: Intermediate +
Time: 45 minutes



This worksheet looks at some common idioms, taking the word 'off' as the theme.

Language covered includes:

off color / colour
off limits
off the record
off the beaten path / track
off the cuff

There is a lead-in question, followed by gap-fill exercises. Your students need to guess the meaning of the idioms and then rewrite sentences using the new expressions.

The lesson rounds off with discussion questions, giving your students the chance to use the idioms in conversation.

Alternative British-English Version



Title: Are you watching the Olympics?
Target Structure: Going to (Future)
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Time: 45 minutes



Have your students been watching the Olympics? If so, you could use this worksheet to help your class become more confident in talking about events they've seen and are planning to see.

This worksheet has a gap-fill conversation, followed by comprehension questions and substitute conversation drills.

The language used includes the Past Simple and Going To future. It also touches on Subject Questions. (Who won?).

This worksheet is written for pre-intermediate level classes.

Alternative British-English Version



Title: There's a problem with my room!
Target Structure: Situational / Travel English
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Time: 40 minutes



Travel English worksheets always go down well in classes! This handout is ideal for students who might be staying abroad in a hotel in the future.

Topics include complaining about: a dripping cold tap / faucet, slow internet, blocked sinks and more. Your students need to be able to speak to the Duty Manager in reception to complain.

There is a conversation to practice, with vocabulary exercises and role-plays.

This worksheet is written for pre-intermediate classes.

Alternative British-English Version


Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ... 71

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