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Title: New Words
Target Structure: Vocabulary and Discussion
Level: Intermediate
Time: 60-90 minutes



The English language is constantly changing, with new words coming into use. This worksheet looks at how new words are added to dictionaries.

The worksheet begins with a (not-too-serious) quiz. Can your students guess when words such as 'photobomb' and 'air-guitar' were added to the dictionary?! This is followed by reading and vocabulary quizzes.

The lesson rounds off with a discussion on the words we use. Have your students noticed new words coming into fashion? Are English words common in their own language? What do they think of that?

This worksheet is fun way to build reading and discussion skills, while improving vocabulary knowledge. Try it today!


Title: The Sochi Olympic Games
Target Structure: General
Level: Elementary to Pre Intermediate
Time: 30+ minutes



The Sochi Olympics will be with us soon - and so we have released an update to a previous Olympic Games worksheet.

If you're looking for a low-level worksheet which takes the Sochi 2014 Olympics as its theme, this will be just what you're looking for!

There is a conversation (with a gap-fill) reviewing some common low-level language. Your students will be learning:

* looking forward to
* would you like
* favorite
* going to (for plans)

There are some practice exercises and discussion questions.

It's a great way to incorporate the Olympics into your class!

Alternative British-English Version



Title: The Winter Olympics
Target Structure: Theme Lesson on Winter Olympics
Level: Elementary / Pre-intermediate
Time: 40 minutes



With the Sochi Olympics coming up, you might be in need of a low-level worksheet on the topic.

This handout has a short gap-fill reading, followed by a wordsearch.

Your students will then need to explain (or guess) events, based on their partners' descriptions.

The lesson rounds off with some simple discussion questions.

This worksheet is written for upper-elementary to intermediate-level students.


Title: Nelson Mandela
Target Structure: Past Simple Questions: Passive and Active
Level: Intermediate
Time: 30+ minutes



How well do your students know the story of Nelson Mandela?

This worksheet has a short gap-fill reading. It's ideal for students working in pairs. If you're in a one-on-one lesson, the teacher can take one of the roles.

Students need to read the story and ask their partner questions in order to fill in the gaps. The questions are both active and passive.

This worksheet is also a great way to build your students' vocabulary.

It is written for intermediate-level classes.


Title: All About 'Bring'
Target Structure: Phrasal Verbs
Level: Intermediate
Time: minutes



Increase your students' vocabulary knowledge with this phrasal verb worksheet!

There are six phrasal verbs, all themed around 'bring. The worksheet covers:

* Bring up (a child)
* Bring out (a new album)
* Bring down (a government)
* Bring up (a subject)
* Bring down (prices)
* Bring back (memories)

There are opening gap fill exercises followed by a caption quiz and discussion questions.

This worksheet is written for intermediate-level students.

Alternative British-English Version


Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ... 70

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