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Title: Idioms by the Number
Target Structure: Idioms Themed by Numbers
Level: Intermediate +
Time: 45 minutes



Students love to study idiomatic English, and this worksheet will teach five common expressions.

Taking numbers as the theme, there are gap fill sentences to have your students try to guess the meanings from the context. This is followed by exercises recycling the language to help your students consolidate the new expressions.

The lesson rounds off with discussion, with your students having the opportunity to use the idioms in context.

This worksheet is written for intermediate levels and above.

Alternative British-English Version



Title: Performing on Stage
Target Structure: Conversation and Vocabulary Building
Level: Intermediate
Time: 45 minutes



Do any of your students have experience of being on stage? Would they like to get involved in a local theater group? Do they ever go the theater to watch plays?

This worksheet is based around a conversation in which someone is going to be acting in a play. There are exercises building collocation knowledge (put on a play, get hold of tickets, the story is set, come along...) which your students can then try to use in a role-play.

The lesson rounds off with discussion questions. Would your students ever consider acting? Do they get nervous when speaking in front of people?

Alternative British-English Version



Title: Studying a New Language
Target Structure: Various
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Time: 45 minutes



This worksheet will give your students the opportunity to learn expressions connected to language learning.

There is a lead-in question, followed by a conversation about taking Spanish lessons. There are follow-up exercises looking at some common vocabulary associated with language learning, such as improve, fluent, grammar, and more.

Your students will then need to personalise the language, applying it to their own situation. Do they think they are improving? What do they find most difficult about learning English? Do they enjoy your lessons?!

The lesson rounds off with simple discussion practice, where students can talk more about these kinds of topics.

This lesson is written for lower-intermediate level students and above.

Alternative British-English Version



Title: Phrasal Verb Crossword Puzzle
Target Structure: Common Phrasal Verbs
Level: Intermediate
Time: 40 minutes minutes



Handouts Online has lots of materials for phrasal verbs, and this worksheet will help your students learn some of the most common ones.

The expressions covered are all found in our series of phrasal verb worksheets. However, your students do not need to have studied them to be able to manage the crossword.

We have made things a little easier for your students by giving the first letter of the main verb for each answer.

It's great as a filler for a lesson, homework, or even pairwork.

Alternative British-English Version



Title: Perfecting your Resume
Target Structure: Writing a Resume / CV
Level: Upper-Intermediate to Advanced
Time: 60 minutes



Many recruiters will receive hundreds of resumes for just one or two jobs. How can an applicant make his or her resume stand out from the crowd?

This worksheet looks at advice for improving resumes. The layout of resumes and the information contained within will vary from country to country. However, these differences will make a good basis for discussion.

An example resume is included with the lesson for your students to analyse. Note that it has deliberate spelling / grammar mistakes!

This worksheet is written for upper-intermediate to advanced level classes.

Alternative British-English Version


Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ... 69

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