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Elementary Level Worksheets

Future Tense Worksheets

Handouts Online has worksheets covering both 'Will' and 'Going to'. There are both conversation-based worksheets, and flashcards to improve your students' fluency.

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Title: I'll take a taxi!
Target Structure: Future: Going to / Will
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Time: 45 + minutes



Future forms can be difficult for students, as there are so many types.

This worksheet looks at the difference between planned future (e.g. I'm going to meet a friend/ I'm meeting a friend) and unplanned future (I'll help you).

Your students will gain in confidence with the target language through a gap-fill conversation, practice exercises and a role-play.

This worksheet is written for lower-intermediate classes.

Alternative British-English Version



Title: We were going to have a great time!
Target Structure: 'Future in the Past' (Was going to)
Level: Intermediate
Time: 45 minutes



This worksheet looks at 'was going to' for things that didn't actually happen. It's great for talking about plans that were cancelled.

After the lead-in question, there's a gap-fill conversation which your students can then practice, followed by comprehension questions, language work and role-plays.

This lesson is written for intermediate-level students, but you can adjust the lesson for other levels too.

Alternative British-English Version



Title: English in Eight Weeks!
Target Structure: Future: Will be able to
Level: Pre-Intermediate
Time: 45 minutes



This worksheet helps your students talk about future abilities using 'will be able to'.

The theme is languages. Is it really possible to learn a language as quickly as advertisers say? Can you learn through just a book and CD?

There's a light-hearted conversation, followed by practice exercises and discussion questions. It's a great way to get your students more fluent when talking about future ability.

For lower-intermediate classes and above.

Alternative British-English Version



Title: Making an Appointment
Target Structure: Present Continuous (Future)
Level: Elementary / Pre-Intermediate
Time: 40 minutes



This worksheet looks at making appointments over the telephone.

There is lots of practice of the Present Continuous for future plans, and your students will have the chance to brush up on their telephone English.

There is a conversation, information-gap activity, role-plays and discussion.

The worksheet is designed for elementary to pre-intermediate level students.


Title: Summer Plans
Target Structure: Going to (future)
Level: Elementary
Time: 30-45 minutes



This is a great way to teach 'going to' for future plans.

There's a conversation about a trip to Italy, followed by practice exercises, and activities to get your students speaking.

This worksheet is written for elementary-level students.

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