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Elementary Level Worksheets

Elementary-Level Worksheets

We have pages of materials for elementary level students!

Remember that many of these materials will also work with pre-intermediate level students as well.

If you're looking for something in particular, use our search engine to find it.

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Title: It's really rewarding!
Target Structure: Gerund Phrases
Level: Elementary
Time: 45 minutes



This conversation-based worksheet looks at gerund phrases. It's the kind of language elementary students need to become confident with in order to more intermediate-level structures.

Examples include: Watching TV is fun. / I enjoy playing tennis on Sundays.

This worksheet has vocabulary work, a gap-fill conversation, comprehension questions, language work, role-play and discussion.

It's written for elementary-level students. Some intermediate students would no doubt also benefit from a review of this language.


Title: Christmas Phrasals
Target Structure: Simple Phrasal Verbs
Level: Elementary to Pre- Intermediate
Time: minutes



Check your students' understanding of simple phrasal verbs with this festive handout.

There are eight captions which your students need to complete.

This worksheet covers:

* blow up [a balloon]
* get along / on with someone
* stand out
* throw away
* look forward to
* go around
* grow up
* take off

Depending on the ability of your class we have an easier and more difficult version of this worksheet. Check the teaching notes for more details - and be sure to hand out the right version!

This worksheet is for elementary to pre-intermediate level classes.

Alternative British-English Version



Title: Christmas Day
Target Structure: Present Simple
Level: Elementary
Time: 45 minutes



Review some elementary structures with this Christmas-themed lesson.

'Christmas Day' looks at the Present Simple, adverbs of frequency, prepositions and common verb collocations.

There's a gap-fill conversation followed by exercises and speaking practice.

You can personalise the language by having students use the questions from the dialogue with their own answers.

The lesson rounds off with simple discussion questions about Christmas Day.

Alternative British-English Version



Title: How many bottles?
Target Structure: Much and Many
Level: Elementary to Pre-Intermediate
Time: 45 minutes



Help your students to master 'much' and 'many' with this worksheet.

There's a gap-fill conversation with two people making a shopping list for a party. There are practice exercises to improve accuracy and fluency with the target language, as well as vocabulary building. (A loaf of bread, a carton of millk etc.)

Your students will have the opportunity to role-play, using food and drink which they would want at a party.

Finally, there are a number of discussion questions, so that your students can talk about the topic more.

This worksheet is written for elementary-level students. It would also make good revision for pre-intermediate classes too.

Alternative British-English Version



Title: Making a Doctor's Appointment
Target Structure: Telephone / Making Appointments
Level: Elementary to Pre-Intermediate
Time: 45 minutes



One of the most difficult things about being overseas is knowing what to do if you are sick.

This worksheet looks at some common expressions your students might use when making an appointment to see a doctor.

There is a warm-up activity, followed by a gap-fill conversation, telephone expressions and role-plays.

This worksheet is written for elementary and pre-intermediate students.

Alternative British-English Version


Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 31

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