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Elementary Level Worksheets

Elementary-Level Worksheets

We have pages of materials for elementary level students!

Remember that many of these materials will also work with pre-intermediate level students as well.

If you're looking for something in particular, use our search engine to find it.

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Title: Reading Habits
Target Structure: Various Elementary Structures
Level: Upper Elementary
Time: 40 minutes



This conversation-based worksheet looks at some common expressions connected to reading. It also gives your students the opportunity to practice a number of common elementary structures.

There is a conversation, taking reading as the theme. This is followed by question and answer practice. Your students can then use the cues to have other conversations on books. Your students can add two books of their own.

The lesson rounds off with simple discussion questions on books and reading.

Alternative British-English Version



Title: The Sochi Olympic Games
Target Structure: General
Level: Elementary to Pre Intermediate
Time: 30+ minutes



The Sochi Olympics will be with us soon - and so we have released an update to a previous Olympic Games worksheet.

If you're looking for a low-level worksheet which takes the Sochi 2014 Olympics as its theme, this will be just what you're looking for!

There is a conversation (with a gap-fill) reviewing some common low-level language. Your students will be learning:

* looking forward to
* would you like
* favorite
* going to (for plans)

There are some practice exercises and discussion questions.

It's a great way to incorporate the Olympics into your class!

Alternative British-English Version



Title: The Winter Olympics
Target Structure: Theme Lesson on Winter Olympics
Level: Elementary / Pre-intermediate
Time: 40 minutes



With the Sochi Olympics coming up, you might be in need of a low-level worksheet on the topic.

This handout has a short gap-fill reading, followed by a wordsearch.

Your students will then need to explain (or guess) events, based on their partners' descriptions.

The lesson rounds off with some simple discussion questions.

This worksheet is written for upper-elementary to intermediate-level students.


Title: Grammar Goofs - Elementary Level
Target Structure: Basic Error Correction
Level: Elementary
Time: 30 minutes



Are you looking to clear up some common errors made by elementary learners?

This worksheet is a fun way of helping your students understand some errors which they are likely to make.

The target language is generally found in an elementary textbook. The Present Perfect isn't included here; we have set things at a more basic level, with emphasis on present and past tenses, prepositions, adjectives and more.

You could cut the cards up or give the sheet out whole to pairs/small groups.

If you're looking for something on these lines for your advanced classes, search for our other 'grammar goofs' lesson, which has much more challenging sentences!


Title: The Business Interview
Target Structure: Present / Past Simple, there, want
Level: Elementary (Upper)
Time: 40 minutes



This worksheet is great for making sure your students can deal with some common questions about a person and his/her business background.

The questions review: present simple, past simple, 'born', there is / are, want.

We have created a worksheet with two option. If your students need more support, you can cut up a set of question and answer slips. Your students can then match these.

Alternatively, they can use the interview sheet with blanks for the questions, and try to come up with the questions themselves.

There is also a blank template for your students to interview a partner. This information can then be turned into a simple presentation, with students having one minute to tell the class about their partners.

This worksheet is written for lower-level students who need to consolidate simple questions in a business context.

There is also a general-English version of this worksheet. Search our listings for 'The Questions of Life'.

Alternative British-English Version


Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 30

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