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Free Sample ESL Worksheets

Free Samples

Check out our free sample ESL worksheets. We have business and general English handouts for you to print out and use in your classes today!

All the materials have been extensively tested in the classroom, and were written by qualified ESL instructors.

At only US$22 for a one-year membership, Handouts Online is the best value source of ESL Worksheets on the Internet.

Important Downloading Instructions
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Your Last Vacation
Free Worksheet #1
Title: Your Last Vacation
Target Structure: Past Simple
Level: Elementary
Vocabulary: General
Time: 30 minutes or longer
Description: This worksheet has conversation, role-play, vocabulary and discussion questions. It's great for both reviewing the Past Simple, and improving your students' fluency skills.
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Alternative British-English Version
'Your Last Vacation' is just one of many 'Theme Lessons' we have. We have built a number of worksheets with some common situations / topics that your students need. Lessons include: ordering at a restaurant, going to a doctor, asking questions at a bank ... and more!
Your Last Vacation
Free Worksheet #2
Title: A Day in the Life
Target Structure: Present Simple for Routines
Level: Elementary
Vocabulary: General
Time: 40 minutes
Description: This worksheet is great for practicing the Present Simple tense. There are lots of different activities, including reading, writing and plenty of speaking.

There's also lots of useful vocabulary and collocations for your students to learn. It's ideal for building your students' confidence and fluency.
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Our members have access to a huge library of grammar-based worksheets. If your students are having difficulty with a particular topic, you can print out instant extra practice sheets here.

We have handouts on tenses, conditionals, adjectives and much more! Check our main index for more info. Remember that you are allowed to make photocopies of these materials.

In addition, you can find a specific grammar point using our instant lookup system. Try it today!
Your Last Vacation
Free Worksheet #3
Title: All About 'Out'
Target Structure: Phrasal Verbs using 'Out'
Level: Intermediate
Vocabulary: Phrasal Verbs / General English
Time: 30 minutes +
Description: This is a great worksheet to help your students build their vocabulary!

There are six different phrasal verbs, all themed around the word 'out'. There is a gap-fill exercise introducing the expressions, followed by a caption quiz (pictured left).

The lesson rounds off with discussion questions, so that your students can use the new language about themselves.

Our extensive collection of Phrasal Verb worksheets can be found here.
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Handouts Online has many more worksheets in our phrasal verb series. There are handouts which are themed around: take, come, go, get, up and off.

The worksheets are designed to be communicative - there are lots of exercises that can be done in pair-work, and the discussion questions at the end mean that your students will have lots of opportunities to speak.

Vocabulary-building is an important part of all Handouts Online worksheets. There is an emphasis on expressions and words that your students will need in business and general life.

Your Last Vacation
Free Worksheet #4
Title: Crime and Punishment
Target Structure: Reading, Vocabulary, Discussion
Level: Upper-Intermediate to Advanced
Vocabulary: Crime / Legal English
Time: 90 minutes
Description: This worksheet looks at some common expressions used when reading and talking about crime.

There are four different crime stories in a newspaper format, with a gap-fill exercise.

There are extended exercises, recycling the vocabulary and collocations. There are also discussion questions about crime.

The lesson rounds off with a crossword, which can also be set as homework.
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Handouts Online has stacks of reading-based worksheets.

These reading-based lessons have proved a big hit with our members! They're all based around a short article on a topic which is bound to go down well in your lessons! Topics include email/spam, lotteries, the environment and more.

We've designed these lessons so that there are lots of opportunities for your students to express their opinions on the topic. They're great as instant lessons.
Your Last Vacation
Free Worksheet #5
Title: Talking about Movies
Target Structure: Conversation / Fluency Builder
Level: Elementary
Vocabulary: Movies / Entertainment
Time: 30 minutes
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Alternative British-English Version

Our worksheets have lots of speaking practice - whether it's discussion questions, information-gap exercises or pairwork.

Most worksheets have exercises which start off controlled, and then progress to 'production' with students personalising the target language. It's great for improving learners' accuracy and confidence with English.
Your Last Vacation
Free Worksheet #6
Title: Making an Appointment
Target Structure: Telephone English
Level: Elementary to Pre-Intermediate
Vocabulary: Business / Telephone
Time: 40 minutes
Description: This business-English worksheet looks at making appointments over the telephone.

There is lots of practice of the Present Continuous for future plans, and your students will have the chance to brush up on their telephone English.

There is a conversation, information-gap activity, role-plays and discussion.

The worksheet is designed for elementary to pre-intermediate level students.
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Our worksheets work well for both general and business lesson students.

We also have a growing collection of business English materials. You can see some of them here, or check out our main index.
Your Last Vacation
Free Worksheet #7
Title: Ordering Coffee
Target Structure: Real-life Situation
Level: Elementary and above
Vocabulary: General
Time: 40 minutes
Description: Handouts Online has lots of situation-based worksheets. They teach the language your students will need in order to get by on a daily basis.

Can your students order a a double-latte with ease? Find out with this worksheet!

There's a conversation, role-play practice and lots of easy discussion questions to keep your students busy. It's a great way of increasing your lower-level students' confidence with English.
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Members have unrestricted access to all our materials. They can be accessed from both home and school.

They print out onto A4 paper, and look good even after being photocopied! Remember that members have permission to make as many copies as they wish for their lessons!
Your Last Vacation
Free Worksheet #8
Title: Past Simple Irregular Verb Crossword
Target Structure: Irregular Verbs
Level: Elementary and Pre-intermediate
Vocabulary: Verbs
Time: 20 minutes, or homework
Description: If your students need practice of past simple irregular verbs, this could be just the ticket. This crossword is suitable for lower level students, and can be used either in the lesson, or as homework.
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Handouts Online has a great variety of materials. We don't just have grammar worksheets. There are also crosswords, wordsearches, cards and games.

Members also have unrestricted access to our flashcard collection.
Your Last Vacation
Free Worksheet #9
Title: Looking into the Future
Target Structure: Future Perfect Simple and Continuous
Level: Intermediate
Vocabulary: General
Time: 60 minutes
Description: 'Looking into the Future' is a great way of building your students' abilities with more complex future tenses.

This worksheet has extensive practice of both the future perfect, and the future perfect continuous (progressive).

There's a conversation, grammar-based exercises and lots of speaking at the end. There's a choice of having a discussion, or (if you have lots of students) a 'find someone who' exercise.

This worksheet is designed for intermediate classes, but can easily be adjusted for other levels.
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Handouts Online worksheets are designed so that they can be used with students of any nationality. In addition, they're great for both monolingual and multilingual classes

All the worksheets have notes giving a suggested teaching method. There is also an answer key to all exercises.
Your Last Vacation
Free Flashcard Set
Title: Occupations Flashcards
Target Structure: N/A
Level: Elementary
Vocabulary: General
Time: Various

These flashcards can be used in so many ways! If your students have mastered the vocabulary, you could also use them for Present Simple questions and statements. Why not use them for a game of 'Guess my Job'? The possibilities are endless!

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Handouts Online has a great selection of flashcards to help your lower-level students. They come in different sizes, and in black and white or colour. Our flashcard collection for members can be found here.

Access to all our flashcards is included in your Handouts Online membership!
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