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Business ESL Worksheets

Snakes and Ladders Games

Our snakes and ladders games are a fantastic way to help your students improve while having fun!

Use our question packs in conjunction with the board. You can mix and match packs of questions to suit the level and needs of your students.

The board is available in both black and white and colour.

More details below!

1) The Board    
Business ESL Worksheets
Title: Snakes and Ladders Board
Level: All Levels

You'll need this board for all the question packs below. If you have lots of students in a class, you'll need to make some copies.

This board is available in colour or black and white. Click on the link below to download it.

  Colour Version
  Black and White Version
2) Question Packs    
Business ESL Worksheets

Target: Sentence Transformations
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  Download Question Pack Here
Description: Can your students transform the sentences using the keyword? This is a fun way to improve specific language points.

• phrasal verbs
• make / let / force / allow
• modals (he can't be late / he must be delayed, etc.)
• conditionals (if / wish / if only, etc.)
• used to / -ing
• advanced comparisons (not nearly as, etc)
•'difficult' verbs: advise, remember, ban, suppose, etc.
• despite / in spite of
• ...and much more!

It's great fun, and will really help your students in the final hurdle of getting these expressions right!
Business ESL Worksheets

Target: Gerunds and Infinitives
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  Download Question Pack Here
Description: These cards are a great way to review the some tricky verbs, including:

• remember to / -ing.
• stop to / -ing.
• try to / -ing.
• regret to / -ing
• used to / -ing
• worth
• threaten
• promise
• mind
• recommend
• suggest
• intend
• imagine
• encourage ... and more!
Business ESL Worksheets

Target: Elementary Errors
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  Download Question Pack Here (US Version)
  Download Question Pack Here (UK Version)
Description: If your students need to improve their accuracy on the basics, you'll find these cards are a fun way to achieve this!

Cards include questions on::

• formation of Present Simple
• formation of Present Simple
• favourite
• basic prepositions
• comparatives and superlatives
• some / any
• formation of Past Simple
• was and were
• singular and plural
• have to
• shall and let's
• want ... and more!
Business ESL Worksheets
Target: Pre-Intermediate Errors
Level: Pre-Intermediate
  Download Question Pack Here
Description: These cards are a wonderful way to improve your students' accuracy while still having fun! They are set at a higher level than the Elementary level, although you might want to mix some questions from both packs.

Cards include questions on::

• comparatives / superlatives
• articles
• as…as
• Past Simple Passive
• Past Simple regular / irregular
• prepositions
• Past Continuous / Progressive
• telephone English
• Present Perfect Simple
• modals
• -ed and -ing (bored/boring)
• want ... and more!
Business ESL Worksheets

Target: Prepositions
Level: Elementary
  Download Question Pack Here
Description: This game covers many of the most common preposition errors made by lower-level English learners.

Cards include questions on::

• location (in London etc.)
• once a week, twice a week etc.
• this, next, last
• media (in a newspaper, on the Internet)
• go (go shopping, go for a walk, go on vacation etc.)
• in a moment, at the moment
• listen to ... and more!
Business ESL Worksheets

Target: Conditionals
Level: Lower to Upper Intermediate
  Download Question Pack Here
Description: You can add these additional questions on the conditionals to any of our packs.

Remember that you don't have to use all the cards. Just add the ones which you think are the right level for your students.

Cards include questions on::

• wish
• if only
• the 1st conditional
• the 2nd conditional
• the 3rd conditional
Business ESL Worksheets

Target: Blank Card Template
Level: Any
  Download Blank Card Template Here
Description: You can add your own questions to the game by making some cards using our template.

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