Holiday / Vacation Flashcards

Are you planning a lesson based around a vacation? These flashcards are a great resource you can use!

There are twelve different activities, and you can use them to build vocabulary, or as a basis for a story.

Full details can be found below.

A) Downloading Options

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Download: 2 Cards Per Page

Download: 2 Cards Per Page

Download: 6 Cards Per Page

Download: 6 Cards Per Page

B) Suggested Vocabulary

  • go by plane / fly
  • stay at a hotel
  • take some photographs
  • go to a museum
  • eat local food
  • go to a cafe
  • write a postcard
  • go sightseeing
  • buy souvenirs
  • sunbathe
  • go swimming
  • go windsurfing

Remember that you can omit any cards which aren't suitable for your classes. You can also change the vocabulary associated with a particular flashcard.

C) Teaching Ideas

These cards are a great supplement for our travel-based worksheets.

These worksheets are particularly suited to the travel flashcards:

You can find a longer list of travel-themed worksheets here. There are lots of situation-based handouts, dealing with passport control, checking into a hotel, taking a taxi, and much more.

The flashcards can also be used with intermediate-level students to practice more complex structures, including:

  • Future Continuous. 'This time next week, I'll be sunbathing...' etc. For this, check out Looking into the Future.

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