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Business Flashcards

Description Flashcards

If you're looking to teach a lesson on physical descriptions, these flashcards will be a great resource you can use.

There are twelve different cards looking at hair, height and age.

Full details can be found below.

A) Downloading Options

  Black and White
  2 cards per page
All Pages
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  6 cards per page
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B) Card Details

Our flashcards can be used to teach the following vocabulary and phrases:

Can you dance?

Remember that you can omit any cards which aren't suitable for your classes. You can also change the vocabulary associated with a particular flashcard.

• curly hair

• straight hair

• bald

• short hair

• shoulder-length hair
• long hair
• blonde
• brunette / dark hair
• young

• middle-aged

• old / elderly

• short / average height / tall


C) Teaching Ideas

These cards are a great supplement for our description-based worksheets.

Try the cards with these:

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