Action (Verb) Flashcards

We're very proud of our action flashcards!

There are 24 different cards showing common everyday activities. See below for the list.

You can use these cards to teach the Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple and much more.

Why not make a set for your students so they can learn the target language at home?

A) Downloading Options Please Note Large File Size

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Download: 2 Cards Per Page

Download: 2 Cards Per Page

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Download: 6 Cards Per Page

B) Suggested Vocabulary

  • get up
  • brush your teeth
  • have breakfast
  • take a shower
  • go to bed
  • sleep
  • read
  • use a computer
  • cook
  • drive
  • get on a train
  • get to work
  • leave work
  • go out for a drink
  • listen to music
  • go shopping
  • study / do homework
  • talk on the telephone
  • play tennis
  • watch TV
  • vacuum / do housework
  • go swimming
  • leave home
  • get home

Remember that you can omit any cards which aren't suitable for your classes. You can also change the vocabulary associated with a particular flashcard.

C) Teaching Ideas

Present Simple

Use these cards to drill the Present Simple for everyday activities. The cards are especially useful for practicing the question form. Use the cards in conjunction with question words.

For example, show the student the 'watch tv' flash card. The student needs to make as many questions as possible using the cards:

  • When do you watch TV?
  • How often do you watch TV?
  • When do you watch TV?
  • Who do you watch TV with?

This can be repeated with other cards, until the student has mastered the question form, and is able to produce the language easily.

We have lots of Present Simple worksheets you could use with these worksheets. Check our recommendations, or our search function.

Present Continuous (Progressive)

The action flashcards can be used to drill the following:

  • What is [he] doing?
  • He is [watching TV].

Past Simple

Many everyday activities have irregular verbs. Can your students produce the language fluently?

se the large flashcards if you are working with a group class. Alternatively, you could divide students into pairs, and give a set of the smaller cards to each pair.

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