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Christmas and New Year Worksheets

Are you looking for something festive? Handouts Online
has games, quizzes and Christmas / New Year-based
worksheets to keep your students busy!

Christmas Board Game Title: Christmas Error Correction Quiz
Target Structure: Various
Level: Elementary to Intermediate +
Time: 20 minutes
Description: This error correction game is a great way to end your classes for the year.

Our board game mixes both skill and luck. Can your students find the errors in our festive sentences?

We have two different question packs, as well as a set of blank cards which you can fill in with your own questions.

There are also sets with and without answers.

  •   Board (All levels)  
  •   Elementary Question Pack (with answers)
  •   Elementary Question Pack (without answers)
  •   Intermediate Question Pack (with answers)
  •   Intermediate Question Pack (without answers)
  •   Blank Template & Backing Sheet  


Pages: 1 2 3 4


Title: Christmas Sentence Transformations
Target Structure: Various - Quiz Format
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Time: 30 + minutes



Are you looking for a Christmas quiz to finish off the year? This could be just what you're been looking for!

We have updated our sentence transformation quiz, adding a festive touch! Your students need to transform the sentence, using the keyword given.

Your students will get lots of practice of common 'tricky' language for this level.

You could either use the board game provided, or just divide your class into teams.

It's a fun - but educational - note on which to finish your lessons for 2013!


Title: Did you have a good holiday?
Target Structure: Discussion: First Lesson Back in New Year
Level: Lower-Intermediate +
Time: 45 minutes



This is a great lesson for your first lesson back in the New Year!

Find out what your students did for Christmas and New Year. There's a conversation, followed by practice exercises.

The lesson rounds off with a survey. Your students can find out what their classmates did. It's good fluency practice and an excellent review of the Past Simple.

This lesson is for pre-intermediate level students. However, it's easy to make the lesson easier. You can pre-teach more vocabulary, and give additional support for the survey questions.


Title: Best and Worst Presents
Target Structure: Give / Get
Level: Elementary / Pre Intermediate
Time: 45+ minutes



With Christmas coming up, have your students chosen their presents? Can they talk about some good/bad presents they've received? This worksheet will give them the chance!

There are three short readings followed by some practice exercises looking at 'give to' and 'get from'. Students can then conduct a class survey finding out presents their classmates gave (or got).

This worksheet is written for lower-level learners. Although it's good for Christmas, you can use this handout at any time of year!

Alternative British-English Version



Title: Happy New Year
Target Structure: Interested in / worried about etc.
Level: Pre-Intermediate +
Time: 45 minutes



Looking for a lesson to start off 2014? This is just what you need!

Based around a new year theme, this worksheet looks at 'interested in', 'worried about' 'afraid of' and much more.

After a lead-in, there's a gap-fill conversation, with practice exercises to follow. The lesson rounds off with your students using the target language about themselves.

This worksheet is written for upper-elementary to pre-intermediate classes.

It makes a great start to the year!

Alternative British-English Version



Title: Keeping New Year's Resolutions
Target Structure: Reading and Speaking
Level: Elementary
Time: 60 minutes



This worksheet is great for the first day back after the Christmas / New Year break.

There's collocation building, with a short, graded reading, followed by vocabulary building and speaking practice.

This is an elementary-level worksheet. We also have an advanced handout on resolutions, which has a more challenging text.

Pages: 1 2 3 4

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