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  Worksheet # 21 Under the Weather


This theme lesson is perfect 'real-life' English for ESL / TEFL students. The topic is health, and this worksheet has a vocabulary exercise, dialogue, role-play and discussion. It's easy to teach, and really gets your students talking.

This version is for upper-elementary to intermediate levels. However, there's also an intermediate to advanced level worksheet for students needing more of a challenge...

  Worksheet # 22 Apologizing


Apologizing is difficult at the best of times - and even more so in a foreign language!

This worksheet looks at a number of common expressions, including:

* in the heat of the moment
* go too far
* be way out of line
* don't give it another thought

...and more.

There's a conversation, followed by practice exercises and role-play.

This worksheet is written for upper intermediate to advanced learners.

  Worksheet # 23 Asking for Tourist Information


This worksheet is a great way to practice asking polite indirect questions.

The theme is a conversation at a tourist office. The worksheet practices phrases such as:

'Could you tell me ...'
'Do you know if ...'

There is lots of role-play practice to really get your students confident with the target structure.

For lower-intermediate students. There's both an American version, and a British-English worksheet available.

  Worksheet # 24 Watching the World Cup (American English Version)


This World Cup theme lesson is a good way of reviewing some common structures in conversation.

Language reviewed includes:

- Can't wait (for something) - Be interested (in something) - Come round (to my house) ... and more

There's a conversation, practice exercises and some simple discussion questions. It's an excellent way to make your lessons topical.

** We also have an British English version. **

  Worksheet # 25 Past Simple Business Review


This worksheet provides a business theme to our review lesson for the past simple.

You can use this with our Business Flashcards for additional practice.

This worksheet can either be used in the lesson, or given as homework.

  Worksheet # 26 Schooldays


This worksheets looks at some common language used when talking about rules. The language studied includes:

* have to* have got to* (not) be allowed to* be supposed to

The theme is schooldays, with three people giving their stories. There's a short reading, with practice exercises and lots of opportunities for your students to tell each other their memories!

  Worksheet # 27 Summer Plans


This is a great way to teach 'going to' for future plans. There's a conversation about a trip to Italy, followed by practice exercises, and activities to get your students speaking. This worksheet is written for elementary-level students.

  Worksheet # 28 Travel Flashcards


Do you have students going on holiday? These flashcards are an ideal supplement for your classes.

You can use them in so many ways! You can build travel vocabulary and collocations, or have your students make up a story based on them.

  Worksheet # 29 English in Eight Weeks!


This worksheet helps your students talk about future abilities using 'will be able to'.

The theme is languages. Is it really possible to learn a language as quickly as advertisers say? Can you learn through just a book and CD?

There's a light-hearted conversation, followed by practice exercises and discussion questions. It's a great way to get your students more fluent when talking about future ability.

For lower-intermediate classes and above.

  Worksheet # 30 At the Movie Theater


This worksheet gives a balance of reading, writing and discussion, all on the theme of movies.

There are two short movie reviews for your students to read. There are also vocabulary building exercises, movie review writing, and lots of discussion.

This worksheet is written for lower-intermediate level students. However, it can easily be adjusted for other classes.

** There is also a British-English version of this worksheet. **

Worksheets 21-30 of 84 displayed.

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