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Worksheet Focus: Travel English

Do you have students who have requested (or just need) some travel English practice?

Judging by the requests we receive, your students might need practice in dealing with passport control, checking into a hotel, ordering food in a restaurant and buying souvenirs.

One of the most frustrating parts of being in a new city is the feeling of being lost! You can help alleviate this with some practice of asking for directions.

When your students are back from their trips, vacations are a great way to practice the Past Simple. They're ideal for building confidence with wh- questions and also for reinforcing the most common collocations - taking photographs, trying new food etc.

Handouts Online has all of this covered! Head over to our extensive Travel English worksheet collection to find ready-to-print lesson plans for your next class! You can also enter some keywords (e.g. ordering in a restaurant) into our quick lookup box. Try it today!

New Worksheets & Updates - Released August 25th 2015

'Success in Business Meetings' looks at the topic of business meetings, with ideas on how to make them more productive. After the lead-in, there is a reading, vocabulary / idiom building practice and lots of discussion.

Almost everyone in business seems to have experienced pointless meetings, so the topic is a great one for discussion!

'Ordering Room Service' is our latest situation-style worksheet. Students can practice a conversation, followed by vocabulary and expression building exercises and lots of role-playing using our in-dining hotel menu.

'I love the hustle and bustle!' will help your students to sound more natural in their speech patterns! This worksheet looks at two-word fixed phrases - sometimes called binomials. Examples covered include:

  • safe and sound
  • peace and quiet
  • null and void
  • nip and tuck
  • kiss and make up
  • After the lead-in, there is a gap-fill quiz, followed by additional vocabulary practice and discussion questions. For an extra challenge, we have included some cards to cut up with additional phrases for your students to match.

    For our new worksheets, head over to our New Worksheets page or head to our Facebook Page for all the updates.


    Communicative Activities

    Our goal is always the same: helping your students attain confidence and fluency with the language.

    They're great for providing extra practice of language points found in ESL textbooks.

    Remember that Handouts Online members can make photocopies of the worksheets to use in their classes.

    • Tenses
    • Comparatives / Superlatives
    • Prepositions
    • Conditionals
    • Articles
    • Countable and Uncountable Nouns
    • Modals

    It's easy to find a worksheet - just look for it in our search box.

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    All our worksheets come with extensive teaching notes.

    You will find:

    • Step-by-step instructions for all activities.
    • One-glance information bar, giving the target structure, vocabulary, level and time.
    • Answer keys provided.
    • Suggestions for additional activities, and tips on presentations.

    Our teaching notes are, of course, only a suggestion. Our worksheets are designed to be flexible, so that they suit the dynamics of any class.

    For members with the Extended Licence, there is an additional set of worksheets without teaching notes or answer keys. These can be sent to students either as an email or Skype attachment.

    Sample Worksheets with Notes


    ESL Flashcards

    Fantastic Flashcards

    Flashcards are another great bonus for Handouts Online members!

    We have cards you can use to teach some of the most common survival English vocabulary.

    Our collection includes:

    • Verbs / Actions
    • Health
    • Ability (Can you...)
    • Describing People
    • Travel English
    • Prepositions

    All our flashcards are available as two per page or six per page.

    Take a Peek at the Flashcard Collection

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